EOS: Surmounting Material and Design Challenges

EOS: Surmounting Material and Design Challenges

Güngör Kara, Director of Global Application and Consulting, EOSGüngör Kara, Director of Global Application and Consulting
Turning a complex design into a product and expediting product development are herculean tasks for the implementers of traditional manufacturing technologies. On the contrary, Additive Manufacturing (AM) overcomes the barriers put forth by intricate designs and fundamental nature of material. AM is primarily the usage of digital 3D design data to build up a component in layers by depositing material. From designing highly stress resistant surfaces and bionic structures to developing components of satellites, nothing remains a manufacturing wonder for an organization enriched with the expertise of AM. Though, building up expertise in Additive Manufacturing can be a long haul and support from experts is often needed - this is where the EOS consulting group “Additive Minds” steps in. “We bestow clients with the knowledge of AM, prepare them to invest and harness this groundbreaking technology and tap an array of business opportunities,” states Güngör Kara, Director of Global Application and Consulting, EOS. “Our customers benefit from deep technical expertise, applications engineering and consultancy to gain a decisive competitive edge.”

With headquarter near Munich, Germany and worldwide subsidiaries, including Pflugerville, TX, EOS and Additive Minds impart training and consulting to customers to acquaint them with the technology and support them in selecting and redesigning the product parts. “We consult and support our customers to optimize the process, material, and design for their state-of-the-art AM part production,” says Kara. The Team of Kara ensures that clients discern the business case for their product. Additive Minds then defines the customer journey map, analyzes real customer demands, and eliminates lacunas in planning. The firm understands the marketability of the product, which will create a positive impact, enabling clients to enter serial AM production. “We support the development of products and prepare them for introduction into the market,” states Kara. “We focus our efforts on the speed of building a product as well as maintaining precision in the dimension and design of the part.”

Our customers benefit from deep technical expertise, applications engineering and consultancy to gain a decisive competitive edge

EOS not only mentors its clients in AM production with Additive Minds but also endues them with cutting-edge surveillance tools. The company’s EOSTATE Monitoring Suite tracks the quality of the product part and the utilization of machine to reduce down times and increase productivity. The EOSTATE MeltPool software detects several parameters, especially the energy in the powder melting pool, generated by high performing lasers. Through its cutting-edge monitoring solution, the company enables clients to perform quality testing in an economical manner. “For companies preferring CT scan and survey or non-destructive testing, the savings of quality assurance could be exponential,” says Kara.

In one of the implementation highlights, a large automotive company had sought support to acquire additive manufacturing capabilities, design an AM serial application, and build a 3D printing center of excellence. As the client needed an expert and experienced partner to untangle complexities in implementation of AM technology, Additive Minds was the foremost choice. Additive Minds helped the client to find the right application, design the part, and optimize the production process. The automotive company gained scalability of operations and is now planning to leverage EOS technology to print more parts.

To create success stories akin to the large automotive company, the leadership of the company firmly believes in a proactive approach based on understanding the demand of the customers and their next aspiration before they put these into words. EOS and Additive Minds are driven by an open culture in their quest to change the paradigms of the manufacturing industry and be innovative. “We have built services that transform the existing manufacturing processes. Our clients are enabled to go to the next level to fulfill their larger production demands, ” concludes Kara. “At the end of the day, we are set to close the knowledge gap at the customer side while ensuring that the clients’ workforce and engineers are empowered.”