Alternative Technology Solutions: Empowering Manufacturers with the Best of the Cloud

Alternative Technology Solutions: Empowering Manufacturers with the Best of the Cloud

CIO VendorVivian Keena, CEO
The manufacturing landscape is changing and enterprise applications running in the cloud are playing a big role in helping manufacturers respond to change. The ability to access data from anywhere, without the burden of servers and software to maintain, makes cloud deployment very attractive to the ever-pragmatic manufacturer today. Alternative Technology Solutions is focused on bringing the best of the cloud to manufacturers through products that are lighter, smarter, and available from everywhere. “Our iQ Configure, Price, Quote application and Connect integration applications are built to streamline the quoting process and integrate data between systems. We've also partnered with Salesforce, NetSuite, and Magento to deliver the best cloud CRM, ERP, and e-Commerce solutions,” reports Vivian Keena, CEO, Alternative Technology Solutions. The Connect application of Alternative integrates technology systems to accelerate business prospectives. Whether it is connecting ERP with Salesforce (CRM) or Magento (e-Commerce), Connect seamlessly drives user adoption, increases efficiency, and gains end-to-end visibility.

Realizing that manufacturing is a fast-paced and demanding space, the firm leverages Salesforce Cloud which offers a platform that can be designed to create a personalized, connected, mobile community where partners, customers, and employees can connect and collaborate. In addition, Salesforce CRM is a great tool for manufacturers to gain better tracking, insight, and history of sales activities. With extensive experience, Alternative designs and implements a highly customized Salesforce Community, creating a better collaboration to keep thousands of documents and resources organized and accessible to partners, distributors, and employees.

Over the years, Alternative has assisted several organizations to develop accurate visibility of sales and manufacturing. “We work in a lot of different industries and provide interesting insights into what may be a better approach to solve the issue at hand,” asserts Vivian.

Focuses on bringing the best of the cloud to manufacturers through technology solutions products that are lighter, smarter, and available from anywhere.

The Aliso Viejo, CA-based firm builds long-term relationships by delivering world-class services and solutions that evolve their clients to their full potential. With deep technical, software, and industry expertise, the firm fulfills the needs of customers who were not getting enough value from their ERP platforms.“We frequently work with clients who are frustrated because their needs aren’t being met,” says Vivian. The firm has helped hundreds of customers fix their problems around integration, quoting, and visibility to focus on CRM.

In one instance, ChemArt Connect a company that designs and manufactures custom collectibles—approached Alternative as they wanted to access and gain knowledge of using customer information effectively to streamline processes and maintain competitive advantage as their CRM module within ERP system was a frailty. Alternative helped them by implementing an effective CRM—Salesforce—that not only gave access to customers’ data, but also enabled them to manipulate it in a way that would make their jobs easier. The integration of Salesforce with Epicor ERP enabled visibility, accountability, collaboration, reporting, and tracking of accounts to create meaningful reports for sales data. In addition, it improved customer response time to automate lead capture and defined assignment rules, diminishing the annual processes managed in Excel. Alternative productizes solutions for customers in order to keep solution costs down and the ROI up.

Having a perfect formula that can be scaled up effectively in the coming years, Alternative is looking to create world-class technological solutions to address the need for unique expertise in consulting services—pioneering a new path. With various clients across the U.S. and the rest of the world, Alternative Technology Solutions strives to maintain a supportive environment conducive for growth and innovation.