NEORIS: Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Global Enterprises

NEORIS: Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Global Enterprises

CIO VendorClaudio Laterreur, VP, Manufacturing & ERP Practice
Paradigm altering trends can be observed in the global manufacturing arena as the demand for smart manufacturing solutions continues to soar. Today, the virtual and distributed manufacturing processes demand the usage of centralized technologies to achieve better transparency and delegation of tasks and also ensure the delivery of unique consumer products across geographies. “Asset utilization and tracking has become increasingly valuable for the new age manufacturers who are seeking to manage specific schedules and concentrate on impactful dimensions such as digitization and automation of manufacturing processes,” remarks Claudio Laterreur, VP of Manufacturing and ERP Practice, NEORIS.

The Florida-based NEORIS is one of the largest IT consulting and systems integration firms with Latin American beginnings. The company offers value-added consulting services for augmented reality solutions, digitalized, MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence and ME (Manufacturing Execution) manufacturing solutions. An SAP global services partner, the firm has a proven record in large scale SAP deployments across the Americas. NEORIS has been constantly upping the ante with its unique global delivery model and current focus in the domain of operational simplification. The wide array of nearshore outsourcing services the company offers to its manufacturing clients helps them streamline a range of their operations, eventually resulting in agile production and faster inventory movement.

ERP, manufacturing intelligence and analytics have been the three core areas that NEORIS is predominantly aiming at to build a nimble environment for the manufacturing organizations. NEORIS’ fully integrated manufacturing solutions are aimed at alleviating the operational constraints while optimizing the manufacturing processes.

The repeatability of our solutions helps us leverage our innovations without the need to create a solution from scratch for every new client

“Our key differentiator is the unwavering focus we have on this domain coupled with a dedicated approach to help customers attain pure manufacturing execution visibility throughout their operations—from raw material receipts to shipping of finished goods,” opines Laterreur.

NEORIS’s field-proven manufacturing solutions have equipped many clients in the automotive, CPG and heavy equipment industries with inventory, planning and scheduling increased efficiencies. A U.S. based client with global operations in the automotive industry is one of the recent beneficiaries of the manufacturing solutions offered by NEORIS. The client faced transportation optimization and visibility related issues that also involved tracking raw materials and finished products to and from their distribution centers. A simplification perspective adopted by NEORIS to implement SAP for enhanced warehouse management strung together the customer’s management and business aspects to improve their sequencing and scheduling capabilities.

The company’s expertise extends beyond the manufacturing space as they endeavor to establish their credentials as an IoT (Internet of Things) specialist. NEORIS is also working towards the simplification of its current solutions and extending them to the predictive arena. “Being disruptive is the idea of play so that's really our area of focus when we work with our customers. We know that artificial intelligence and learning systems are going to be the future,” remarks Laterreur. “The repeatability of our solutions helps us leverage our innovations without the need to create a solution from scratch for every new client.”

NEORIS is well poised for growth on a global scale with high yielding targets across the U.S. and Mexico. Meanwhile, its long term growth plans are being spearheaded by a team of professionals who have in-depth experience of working in different verticals across multiple geographical regions.