Value Innovation Partners: Driving Continuous Improvement through Measurable Success

Value Innovation Partners: Driving Continuous Improvement through Measurable Success

Patrick Lucansky, Executive Director, Value Innovation PartnersPatrick Lucansky, Executive Director
As manufacturing industry veterans, Patrick Lucansky and his partner Bob Burke–Managing Partners of Value Innovation Partners, Ltd. (VIPGroup)–realized very early that the efficiency of transactional and support processes such as finance, planning and scheduling, marketing and sales were critical for driving the overall performance of the shop floor. Regardless of the improvements in shop floor practices, dearth of improvement in transactional processes was costing manufacturing clients dearly. “VIPGroup was founded to address the challenge of achieving process excellence in addition to addressing those inadequate support processes in the manufacturing industry,” informs Lucansky.

VIPGroup makes extensive use of Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma and Process Digitization to deliver solutions that enable adoption of collaboration tools and use of real-time data to make process decisions. These efforts have helped clients to drive operational efficiency and sustain continuous improvement to optimize their shop floor productivity.

As an experienced management consulting company, VIPGroup sets off to address clients’ operational challenges by defining the goals and objectives up front in order to take a well-directed approach. The company then performs the assessment of the client environment to identify problem areas and constraints in the processes and their root causes. Next they drive onto engagement and recommendations based on the assessment in such way that clients can measure the progress of the renewed approach.

Unlike other consulting companies, VIPGroup strongly believes in not just helping companies to remediate operational impediments, but also to educate them so that they can tackle challenges by themselves for new or future improvement opportunities. “Our value proposition is that we transfer knowledge to our clients. We work to enable them to replicate effective practices across departments for achieving continuous improvement,” explains Lucansky.

Our value proposition is excellence across operations and processes through the transfer of knowledge

The company also offers training and coaching through which clients gain knowledge on continuous improvement.

Taking their continuous improvement efforts further, VIPGroup also provides an intuitive Lean app on the Google platform where clients using GSuite products can identify improvement opportunities across business domains including manufacturing, and retail among several other sectors. VIPGroup’s Lean app leverages the Google platform to combine the collaborative power and machine learning capabilities that drives the shop floor management via predictive analytics.

Historically the practice has been to analyze issues by looking at past data, whereas Google Machine Learning disrupts this approach by delivering real-time information of the entire process and workflow, including shop floor and support functionalities to the forefront. “The ability to handle data in real time is a huge game changer that enables clients to achieve cost-effective consulting with enhanced operational results.”

“Our value proposition is excellence across operations and processes through the transfer of knowledge,” highlights Lucansky. From streamlining inventory to augmenting business process management, VIPGroup excels at improving cost benefits and streamlining business processes driving towards operational excellence. For instance, a pharmaceutical packaging company has achieved improved cost savings as VIPGroup helped them to eliminate $13 million in inventory that was not required for production–a result of over ordering. The client also vacated three warehouses that were associated with holding the excessive inventory.

“It is our belief that developing clear, trust-worthy, and long-term partnerships with our clients is the pathway to creating value for them, and for their customers,” informs Lucansky. For the future, VIPGroup strides ahead to deliver measurable success, and change management that is progressive and sustainable for customers.