Sparton Solutions: Turning Complexity into Opportunities

Sparton Solutions: Turning Complexity into Opportunities

Cary Wood, President & CEO, Sparton SolutionsCary Wood, President & CEO
Accelerated new product introduction, shorter product lifecycles, tighter design tolerances, and relentless cost-cutting add pressure to the pursuit of quality that drives manufacturing businesses today. Failure to cope with these complications bears dire ramifications and might ultimately result in a business turning obsolete. “As a leading provider of engineered components, as well as product design and manufacturing services, Sparton Solutions has addressed the challenges head-on,” states Cary Wood, President and CEO, Sparton Solutions.

Sparton Production System (SPS) is a blueprint for all daily activities and the map for operating every aspects of a business. Their SPS is based on proven, lean-manufacturing processes that have been refined over the years; they can also source entire Bill of Materials (BOM). “Essentially, everything we do as a company and every action we take is measured against the six elements of the Sparton Production System—safety, cost-reduction, high quality, in-time delivery, committed people, and focus on the future,” explains Wood. Sparton’s proprietary business systems drive quality through entire organizations, eliminating errors, and wastage. Harnessing the potency of the Internet of Things (IOT), it eases design, development, manufacturing, and deliverance.

“We believe in turning complexity into opportunities for our clients,” asserts Wood. Services delivered by them include partnering with customers from start-to-finish complete with holistic, flexible design and engineering services aiding in product design. Device Master Record (DMR), Alpha Builds, Beta Builds, Agency Approvals, Reliability Testing, and Risk Management are some quirks they help with in the product design domain.

In the manufacturing arena, Sparton helps in developing the necessary manufacturing processes and consequently implementing the test systems, adding perks like—reduced inefficiencies, optimized costs, minimized errors, maximized quality, reduced waste, and faster production times.

We believe in turning complexity into opportunities for our clients

They provide Quality Management Systems (QMS) and supplier sourcing built to forecast—complex system assembly, electronic and electro-mechanical sub-assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, industrial cable assembly, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).Their manufacturing engineering and strategy includes modules for manufacturing support processes such as lean enterprise planning, capital expenditure authorization processes, and capacity planning tasks. Moreover, their R&D and Product Engineering include modules focused on process and product innovation and automation and materials monitoring. Furthermore, their operational stability module includes focus on ensuring that financial resources are available when needed and optimized.

Sparton Solutions, through years of working experience with companies large and small, has grown to specialize in areas such as medical, defense and security, navigation and exploration, and industrial markets. As both a defense contractor and a supplier to the elite players in the market, they have expertise in building a highly regulated environment for Military & Aerospace concerns. In the commercial industry space, their expertise in electronics, electromechanical sub-assemblies and complete devices demonstrates skill and precise attention to detail that is second to none amongst contract designers and manufacturers.

Some of the engineered product services provided by Sparton include—Sonobuoys (a tactical sonar system), Ruggedized Displays, Inertial Sensors, Rugged PC’s, Payload Delivery and Undersea Detection Development. Their dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to do more than pay lip service to quality. “Sparton’s expertise reduces the complexity inherent in products demanding end usage, so that our customers can focus on developing what’s next, and not unproven compliance,” adds Wood. “We strive to be best in class in external PPM, scrap, and rework cost while also ensuring that defects aren’t passed along to our clients or their customers.”