PositiveVision: Superior Manufacturing Insights through Efficient Consultative Services

PositiveVision: Superior Manufacturing Insights through Efficient Consultative Services

Robert Baran, Founder & President, PositiveVisionRobert Baran, Founder & President
The new age trends such as mobility and cloud have swept across the manufacturing sector to open the doors of advanced product development and innovation. This synergy has resulted in easy operations, efficient management and streamlined processes in the production arena. Nevertheless, it gets hard to stay ahead of the competition if a company’s systems are outdated and cannot address the needs of the evolving manufacturing industry. This was the challenge faced by GPC (General Press Colors)—a U.S. based flush manufacturer—that failed to cope up with sophisticated requisites of inventory, receivables and shipping modules. The client was running its business using three disparate systems that led to both time and cost inefficiency. The client’s challenge was mitigated by PositiveVision, a service based software consulting firm that leverages out of box technology such as Sage 300 ERP, Sage PFW ERP, Warehouse Management Systems and Microsoft dynamics to help SMB manufacturers improve business outcomes. Through the deployment of Sage PFW (Platinum for Windows) ERP, PositiveVision could consolidate the three programs and meet every customization requirement of GPC. “The combined abilities of Sage PFW along with our consultative approach enabled the client to run efficient operations and increase productivity to a great extent,” says Robert Baran, Founder and President, PositiveVision.

Based in Roselle, IL, PositiveVision’s distinctive capabilities are in recommending the right technologies to the right businesses. “Our profound understanding of the production industry lets us address unique requisites of each environment—whether make-to-order, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order or mixed mode environment,” affirms Baran. “Our goal is to improve the manufacturers’ performance and stay as their long term partner by providing all essential resources, expertise and customer service.

In this regard, PositiveVision provides sales, support, training, and development services for Sage 300 ERP—a solution consisting of robust suite of modules to facilitate end-to-end manufacturing business management. “We support and use Sage 300 ERP due to its unprecedented flexibility, comprehensiveness, customizability and seamless scalability,” says Baran.

Our vision coupled with the innovative technology lend the clients a distinct advantage in taking their challenges head-on

Moreover, the three powerful editions of Sage 300 ERP such as Standard, Advanced and Premium help PositiveVision to deploy applications and technology tailored to the clients’ business requirements. The proactiveness of the solution along with PositiveVision’s analytical approach empowers manufacturers to achieve complete visibility over their day-to-day operations. “The customized Sage solutions coupled with our services ensure that the client’s disparate data is transformed into meaningful business intelligence,” elucidates Baran.

PositiveVision guides enterprises to succeed with technical completeness and functional richness by offering consultation services for Sage PFW ERP solution. With a proven track record for delivering optimal service and support to clients, PositiveVision’s Sage PFW implementation enables manufacturers to attain more productivity. “Our vision coupled with innovative technology lend the clients a distinct advantage in taking their challenges head-on,” says Baran. “Moreover, the insights drawn by our skilled team comprising of accounting software consultants and technology professionals, from a variety of business and educational backgrounds ultimately leads to breakthrough efficiency,” adds Baran.

Through 2016 and beyond, the company will continue to lead technological transformation in manufacturing. “This is just the beginning. We strive to achieve a paradigm shift in the arena of consultation, where companies have 24/7 visibility into their business objectives,” says Baran. PositiveVision endures to expand their consultative services with the confidence that comes from having robust strategies in place.