PA Consulting Group: Sustainable Innovation For Manufacturing

PA Consulting Group: Sustainable Innovation For Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies of today require innovative scientific and engineering approaches to survive in the cut-throat marketplace. Take for example, Magna Steyr, a leading brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for OEMs that wanted help to draw up a cost reduction program for manufacturing a coupé on behalf of Peugeot. Magna needed to close the gap with originally defined target costs for the vehicle components, after taking over the complete responsibility for development, purchase and production. The search ended at PA Consulting—a manufacturing consulting company that provides a broad range of consulting and technology services. PA worked with the project team to analyze parts of the vehicle, identify savings potential and optimize the supply chain. Together with PA, Magna Steyr saved millions of dollars across the lifespan of the car, in terms of parts, machinery, and development costs.

With a host of such successes under its belt, PA has established a strong presence across industries. PA’s expert technology team designs and develops new products for organizations across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, communications, consumer products and defense. With a strong history of over seven decades, the company today helps global manufacturing companies stay ahead of the market by closing the gap on competitors, facilitating profitability for the long term. PA provides a one-stop service for clients to take the product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success.

PA creates exceptional results with lasting impact by focusing on strategy, revenue improvement, cost reduction, and environmental legislation, which positively impacts the manufacturing arena. PA’s ‘perfect cost grid’ assists customers in identifying product cost-savings and securing value from effective procurement that results in excellent performance in manufacturing. Clients are able to develop new concepts, and innovate products through design and development into manufacturing, gaining a commercial advantage.

Scaling New Heights

As digital technologies, customer behaviors, and new business models are changing the world, every organization needs to decide how it will respond, to achieve the right balance between protecting the current value and creating new value. PA assists the firms in converting their business development plans to reality by helping them identify how to reinvent their business and services models to capitalize on digital technologies and innovation. They bring together technology and industry experts to help organizations create the value, no matter what stage of the journey they are at.

As we move ahead, PA Consulting looks forward to delivering more groundbreaking and innovative solutions for our clients

Drawing on their extensive experience of applying technology in the real world, PA carefully guides customers to create a blueprint of the digital plans and develop a customer-centered strategy and business design that brings the customer’s vision to life. PA makes it a point to bring firms face-to-face with the details of their digital transformation and helps them write the roadmap which can take them to new heights.

PA combines business design expertise and innovative thinking with a strong practical focus. They have been assisting manufacturing firms make sense of the market changes and bring phenomenal alterations in the strategic and business operations. The company brings together all the elements of a client’s business, including how they serve the customers, and how the latest technology can be used to gain business productivity. With technological evolution, PA also guides organizations towards utilizing the best from the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and other digital technologies. From helping organizations envisage the future to building prototypes of new products, PA’s digital innovation lab can help firms ‘touch tomorrow’s technology today’.

In one such instance, PA was instrumental in driving business development for Ora–Kitchen towels from the business design and concept to finished product in store within 12 months. With no pre-existing equipment available, PA developed a completely new manufacturing process at their Technology Centre in Cambridge. PA’s expertise across packaging, new product development and manufacturing meant that Ora could focus on what they are best at. The combination of a great concept, a great team and ultimately a great product has resulted in huge success for Ora, with a consumer survey saying that 60 percent of the people would switch brands and buy Ora.

Delivering Flexibility and Customization

PA’s success in meeting client demands come through reinvention of manufacturing, making customization possible, and affordable—helping companies turn new technology into commercially viable, practical solutions.

For example, PA is using additive manufacturing and high speed 3D printing to give consumer goods companies new opportunities to tailor the product offerings for individual consumers. The company has also gone beyond current manufacturing technologies by bringing full digital capability into play, allowing for the customization of physical appearance, internal structure, texture, content and functionality of mass produced goods.

In order to increase productivity and reduce cost, while achieving the critical launch timescales, PA also offers automation solutions. The services include assessment and definition of automated systems, advising clients on automation strategy and technology, from audits to detailed plan analysis. The delivery capability also covers the design, build, test, installation and support of mechanics, optics, electronics, controls and software. Having the right process and implementation makes the difference between delivering against cost, quality and volume targets.

Innovating for the Future

For more than five decades PA Consulting has had a strong focus on innovating technology. Its Cambridge Technology Centre was founded by Professor Gordon Edge in 1970 and played a critical part in creating the Cambridge Phenomenon where the city became a leading centre for UK’s technological companies. Some of the innovations at the centre over the past 50 years include: the original brushless servo motor; medical injectors that mean the patient does not need to see the needle; a self-monitoring device for people with diabetes that measures blood glucose levels; micrometers; and 4G wireless test equipment. With strategy experts working side-by-side with clients’ senior leaders to solve the most complex and valuable problems—PA combines deep sector insights with a meticulous analytical methodology and draw in relevant expertise from their colleagues to offer a richer perspective.

"We thank our clients for placing their trust in us and our people for their energy and commitment. Together, we make the difference"

“As we move ahead, PA Consulting looks forward to delivering more groundbreaking and innovative solutions for our clients, achieving our growth ambitions with support from our partners and working with the talented individuals in PA. As always, we thank our clients for placing their trust in us and our people for their energy and commitment. Together, we make the difference,” says Alan Middleton, CEO of PA Consulting Group.