Enhanced Information Solutions: Real-Time Insights into Manufacturing

Enhanced Information Solutions: Real-Time Insights into Manufacturing

Headquartered in Stillwater, MN, Enhanced Information Solutions (EIS) is a manufacturing technology consulting firm that has been instrumental in deploying MES solutions to a large number of manufacturing companies. By tailoring the solutions to suit needs of each customer, EIS help optimize manufacturing workflow and provide real-time insights into the processes. Through its rich experience spanning over 2 decades, EIS has pioneered the areas of software validation, systems integration, wireless solutions and mobile apps development. The proficiency in numerous fields connected with MES, has allowed the company to take MES technology to newer heights.

One among the innovative undertakings of EIS is their venture to integrate mobile technology with MES, which could be dubbed as a milestone development in the manufacturing industry. The company’s flagship offering—OpsTrakker is a suite of mobile apps that focus on specific use cases in the manufacturing workflow to achieve the goal of optimization. It can run on various platforms such as iOS, Android, and Blackberry and manage the tasks by recording new work orders, allocation, production, distribution and even invoicing. At the completion of a particular activity, it also triggers an alert to the user. All these features, along with its ability to support asset and equipment tracking on a global basis, has won EIS an impressive list of clientele consisting of numerous Fortune 500 companies. In the last 2 decades alone, the company has assisted 8 of the 10 largest life science companies with its solutions in the MES arena.

At one instance, for a major biotech company that used OpsTrakker, EIS introduced an additional module to the suite called the equipment logbook, to track the usage of more than 20 classes of equipments in real-time. OpsTrakker not only replaced dozens of paper forms but also brightened the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Right First Time (RFT) rate by reducing the execution errors, and Review by Exception (RBE) rate, due to significant reduction in post-execution review.

OpsTrakker can provide high value manufacturing functionality in a cost effective manner to pharmaceutical and biotech companies

“OpsTrakker can provide high value manufacturing functionality in a cost effective manner to pharmaceutical and biotech companies,” mentions Rajeev Joshi, VP, Products, EIS. With the operation efficiency showing a marked improvement, the deployment of OpsTrakker was a big success for the client.

EIS has a reason to partake the client’s success. The company has adopted a business philosophy of listening to the customers and working with them closely to achieve objectives, which in turn, goes a long way in delivering the best of solutions. This unsurprisingly, has resulted in EIS having an impressive track record of clients coming back to it, seeking services.

Going ahead, EIS intends to preserve the work culture wherein hard work blends with integrity to drive customer satisfaction, for long-lasting business relationships. Despite achieving outstanding levels of client satisfaction, the company seeks to better its own solutions and services. With these goals in place, EIS is well on its path to become a global leader in the MES solutions arena.