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D6 Inc.: Making Packaging Faster and Cost-Efficient

Edward Dominion, CEO, D6 IncEdward Dominion, CEO
Today packaging has become an integral part of the user experience with customers demanding different packaging for each product that is tailored for their specific needs, flavor profiles, and so on. Companies need to realize this trend to stay competitive. D6 Inc. helps their client with their packaging needs by guiding them through the initial concept, design, prototyping, 3D renderings, first articles, and final commercialization. They also mass produce the packaging once the clients approve the prototype. “We pride ourselves on our accuracy and speed through the entire process,” says Edward Dominion, CEO at D6 Inc. Our team having a vast knowledge of the manufacturing processes, D6 Inc. takes a concept from thought to a physical product faster than any of their competitors.

With a lot of companies today outsourcing their packaging prototyping and manufacture overseas for cost savings, the overall quality and consistency of packaging have reduced leading to failures on the shelf and ultimately more costs. By undertaking all of the packaging manufacturing in the U.S. itself, D6 Inc. has mitigated these risks and also increased the shelf lifespan of the overall product itself. “This has helped us commercialize products 99 percent faster because it was privatized, done domestically and we were able to convey real-time information,” says Dominion. This has also created more jobs in the U.S. Additionally since the entire process is done within the company, it eliminates the risk of people leaking items out to the public. “We are a one-stop-shop because we also do branding development, trademark filings, as well as utility and design patents that we co-file with our customers,” adds Dominion.

Although agility is usually associated with SMBs, D6 Inc., in spite of being a large-scale company, sits down with their clients and provides them with an actual price which gives it a competitive edge.

We are a one-stop-shop because we also do branding development, trademark filings, as well as utility and design patents that we co-file with our customers

This has enabled them to deliver prototypes faster thereby helping clients come out with their products in three to eight weeks rather than later in the year. Additionally, they also have their algorithm, MX85, which is a service that they provide to their customers which predicts food and consumer trends to choose what products to be launched and at what price point. “This has helped us show abnormally high returns and increased sales,” quips Dominion.

When onboarding a new client, D6 Inc. tackles the problems of their clients first and then works towards the solution for future products and development. D6 Inc. requires their clients to share private information regarding their products with the company, and in turn, the company shares with their clients all the information regarding their strategy and so on. This has made them very selective of their clients. “You can’t create an amazing product with only 60 percent of the internal information. It is an all or nothing data share between our companies,” quips Dominion. He says that the reason that they can demand these details is because of their high success rate.

In one such instance, a top three medical manufacturer was facing issues regarding their throughput after working with one packaging company for more than nine months. Once they contacted D6 Inc., within 72 hours the company not only engineered but also manufactured 10,000 samples for the client to test. The samples worked, and the client was able to bring $1.2 Bn products to market right around Thanksgiving to Christmas time. “Without us, they would have missing their product launch around this high demand period,” remarks Dominion.

Currently, D6 Inc. is the fastest growing thermoforming and industrial prototyping companies in North America. “We climbed from really zero to top of the heat very quickly because of our great customers and long-term partnerships with them,” concludes Dominion.